For Pretty Much Everything

Notion is the best all-in-one workspace I’ve ever used! I am planning on making a post about it in the near future, since I could honestly go on for hours talking about its quadrillion features and limitless functionality. To keep things short, right now I’m using it as a way to study Dutch with spaced repetition, take notes for equation heavy texts (it supports LaTeX!), and track both personal and professional goals. I can without a moment’s hesitation recommend it to anyone. Seriously. Check it out!


Ferdi lets you maintain all of your social and messaging apps in one space. It supports nearly every service out there including Messenger, Instagram, Slack, Discord, and WhatsApp. I especially love it because it allows users to separate services into different categories and then mute a category as a whole. No more unnecessary distractions!

Other is an absolute life saver. It allows you to create mathematical formulas and equations in your language of choice, including LaTeX, html, and MathML. This is especially useful if you’re an online tutor and don’t have an additional tablet to write equations down virtually. Instead, you can simply type them out or even say them out loud and they appear, beautifully formatted, on your screen. If you’re lazy like me and don’t want to retype an entire equation in your virtual notes, it also has a screenshot reader which automatically translates an image of the equation into any language, including English!